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The right person for a particular role is not always active in the employment market and, indeed, the high performing and consistently successful executive does not tend to have the inclination nor time to spend searching for a new role proactively.

Given these facts, Executive Search is frequently the right way to proceed for senior management positions or where highly specialised skills and experience are sought. Additionally, maintaining confidentiality with regard to a particular hiring need is another factor in support of the use of Executive Search.

Executive Search specifically targets high performing individuals who match a client's hiring criteria. Typically, Symbiosis Search combines the utilisation of our extensive network of contacts along with the specific targeting of relevant organisations where likely candidates will be working. Our knowledge of the marketplace, supported by high quality research services, enable us to identify who and where relevant people are.

The professional reputation of our resource of senior and experienced consultants enables us to proactively approach some of the industry's highest achievers on behalf of our clients and engage with them. Market knowledge, discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance during this process, in which Symbiosis Search excels.

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"The team at Symbiosis Search have performed a number of Searches for me across EMEA and enabled me to hire high calibre individuals at a time when we were growing our organization and entering new markets. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others seeking to recruit senior people in the software industry."

VP Worldwide Field Operations - MDM software vendor

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