What do we hire?

Symbiosis Search hires across a range of senior-level roles for our clients, recruiting at CxO, SVP and VP levels, and specialising in building go-to-market teams of senior high-impact people for fast-growth Enterprise Software and Cloud vendors.

We execute Searches across all the operations fast-growth Software companies require: typically Sales, Customer Success, Presales, Marketing, Alliances, Services and Engineering. The majority of our Searches are in revenue generating and commercial functions.

Particularly at a senior management level, Symbiosis Search also hires within our clients' operational functions, such as Human Resources and Finance.

Examples of the roles we hire for are as follows:

  • Sales - Chief Commercial Officer; Chief Revenue Officer; Chief Sales Officer; Vice President Sales Worldwide; Vice President Sales EMEA or APAC; Sales Director; Country and Regional Sales Directors; senior-level Account Executives
  • General Management - Chief Executive Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Managing Director / General Manager; Vice President EMEA or APAC; Country Managing Directors
  • Customer Success - Chief Customer Officer; VP Customer Success; Regional Customer Success leaders
  • Marketing - Chief Marketing Officer; Marketing Director; Vice President Marketing EMEA or APAC; Regional and Country Marketing Directors Alliances / Partners / Channels - Vice President Alliances; Director of EMEA or APAC Alliances; Regional and Country Alliance Heads
  • Pre-Sales - VP Pre-Sales; Regional Pre-Sales Directors; senior-level Solution Consultants
  • Professional Services / Consulting - Vice President Professional Services; Director EMEA or APAC Professional Services; Regional and Country Professional Services Heads; senior-level Client Partners and Programme Directors
  • R&D / Engineering - Chief Technology Officer; Vice President Software Development; Vice President Engineering; Product Management Director
  • Human Resources - Chief People Officer; Vice President Human Resources; Director of EMEA or APAC Human Resources; Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Finance - Chief Finance Officer; Vice President Finance; Director of EMEA or APAC Finance
Symbiosis Search What do we hire for

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"Throughout my time working with Symbiosis Search during our hyper-growth period, they showed themselves to be exceptionally able, supporting me and adding considerable value and expertise in building our organization across the EMEA region and in targeting, selling and helping me hire the very best leadership and senior talent. Their contribution was extremely effective at both a strategic and a tactical execution-level, and Symbiosis became hugely well respected by senior management across the business."

SVP International - CRM software vendor

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