Symbiosis Search is dedicated to excellence in providing a focused, proactive and added-value service to our clients, who are typically fast-growth start-up or mid-sized Enterprise Software and SaaS vendors.

Highlighted below are some comments from people who have worked with us

  • "Throughout my time working with Symbiosis Search during our hyper-growth period, they showed themselves to be exceptionally able, supporting me and adding considerable value and expertise in building our organization across the EMEA region and in targeting, selling and helping me hire the very best leadership and senior talent. Their contribution was extremely effective at both a strategic and a tactical execution-level, and Symbiosis became hugely well respected by senior management across the business."
    SVP International - CRM software vendor
  • "Symbiosis Search has proved to be extremely pro-active in finding the highly-skilled people necessary for our business success. Their high level of involvement and understanding, and attention to the entire recruitment process, were key to our hiring success. Symbiosis really understands our business and the goals on which we are focussed. I personally find working with Symbiosis Search a great pleasure, as they continually add value and help guide us in our hiring approach, ensuring we have the team in place to achieve our objectives."
    CEO - Energy Trade & Risk Management SaaS vendor
  • "Symbiosis Search has recently helped our CEO and me search for and recruit a Managing Director. I was very impressed by their knowledge of our business and the contacts they had inside the industry. Within a short period of time they had presented me with a short-list of candidates, all of exceptional calibre and highly motivated. We secured our first choice candidate who has proven a fantastic recruit and are extremely satisfied with the service that we received. We recommend Symbiosis Search highly."
    SVP Global HR & Talent Acquisition
  • "The team at Symbiosis Search have performed a number of Searches for me across EMEA and enabled me to hire high calibre individuals at a time when we were growing our organization and entering new markets. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others seeking to recruit senior people in the software industry."
    VP Worldwide Field Operations - MDM software vendor
  • "I found Symbiosis Search extremely professional during every step in securing my new role as General Manager for the EMEA region. After initially identifying and approaching me, they took the time to assess and profile me in-depth, offer career guidance, and discover what really mattered to me and why, before guiding me through the selection process - resulting in my appointment into a role I am thrilled to fulfill. I would have no hesitation in recommending their Executive Search services, having experienced working with them from a candidate perspective."
    GM EMEA - Digital Marketing SaaS vendor
  • "Symbiosis Search proved themselves to be highly capable in supporting me and in helping plan, manage and execute our growth internationally. Their highly proactive and professional approach has gained them enormous credibility and respect with senior management and added real value to our business. Symbiosis Search became, in very short order, trusted advisors to the Vice President European Operations and their judgment was relied upon in myriad ways in addition to executing Executive Searches for us, including organizational planning, staffing strategy, competitive intelligence and leadership candidate assessment. I would recommend Symbiosis Search's services strongly, particularly to those technology organizations seeking to grow their international business."
    VP Global Recruiting - eCommerce software vendor
  • "We used the professional services of Symbiosis Search to recruit a senior executive in our European operation. The process was superb. Symbiosis clearly demonstrated their experience for this kind of task. The effort was smooth, flawless and in fact, exciting. After the initial brief, Symbiosis did their homework carefully and with great thoroughness. We were presented with a group of excellent candidates and with accurate assessments of their skills, drivers and backgrounds."
    CEO - CEM software vendor
  • "We retained Symbiosis Search to lead our sales and marketing leadership recruitment efforts throughout EMEA. They did an excellent job in working with the Executive team and Human Resources in identifying and credibly approaching senior sales and marketing professionals and in helping us to hire a number of high calibre individuals. Their knowledge of the software industry and enterprise-wide selling environment, coupled with their well-honed headhunting skills and outstanding communications ability, were key factors that led to our Company acquiring some highly capable talent."
    VP Global HR - Enterprise PLM software vendor